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Descartes Systems Group Inc, The

Descartes Datamyne Global Trade Analysis, Import / Export Data & Trade Research

With a comprehensive database of accurate, up-to-date import-export information, Descartes Datamyne™ delivers actionable intelligence for market research, sales insight, supply chain management, enhanced security and competitive strategy. Manufacturers, shippers wholesalers, transport and logistics service providers, management consultants, legal practitioners, industry analysts and more use our exceptionally accurate and granular data to initiate growth strategies, explore new markets, benchmark performance, monitor commodity volumes and values, simplify trade data research, discover buyer-seller relationships and refine sourcing strategies. Select highlights include:

  • Descartes Datamyne™ is powered by the world’s largest searchable trade database, covering the global commerce of 230 markets across 5 continents
  • 75%+ of the world’s import-export trade is covered by our data
  • 500m+ shipment records are added to our database each year 
  • ~26,000 U.S. maritime import Bill of Lading (BOL) records are added each day 24-hours after receipt from U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP

Our Global Trade Analysis Provides Insight Across Verticals;

·         Transport & Logistics  

·         Global Companies 

·         Financial Services

·         Government & Public Sector 

·         Features & Potential Benefits

Users can search international trade data, easily shift perspectives from buy-side to sell-side, or drill down to individual shipments. They can access U.S. master and house BOL information, including container and/or equipment size or type, Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) or VOCC, true Less Than Container (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL) manifests. Results are enriched with value-added fields, such as 20- foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), the standard measure of containerized shipments, as well as the unified names/ addresses of all parties to the trade.