Tool for central management of email signatures in Office 365.

With Signitic, you can manage Office 365 emails signatures of all your employees from one single place.

Design and manage all your email signatures of your company thanks to a powerful and user-friendly interface.

Create your templates, manage entities, groups, users and deploy your marketing to ensure the perfect harmony of your brand company.

Take control of this amazing tool and spread your marketing campaign to reinforce your corporate image.

Make the most of the power of your emails and analyse with precision the commitment of your audience.


Main benefits :


* Signature design

* Unlimited entity management

* GDPR compliant

* Users segmentation

* Analyze your targets

* Marketing campaign creation and planning

* Statistics

* Automatic updates

* Office 365 directory fully synchronized

* Help center and chat

The application will work on any Office 365 version.

This application is available in English and French.