ignio AIOps


ignio AIOps


AIOps for autonomous IT Operations with event management, anomaly detection & auto-remediation

ignio™ AIOps judiciously blends enterprise IT context, insights and intelligent automation to deliver resilient, agile and autonomous IT operations.

Today, CIOs/CTOs drive organizations digital transformation agenda by modernizing existing IT with flexible platforms & ecosystem of tools. This introduces complexity to existing IT operations due to scale & faster rate of change making it difficult to manage operations and require to be more resilient & agile.

ignio™ offers a potent blend of machine learning, AI, and automation to drive digital transformation within enterprises and improve their effectiveness and efficiency through autonomous IT operations. ignio’s ability to provide a “360 degree Context” of an enterprise’s hybrid IT landscape is central to all life cycle services of IT operations and forms the foundation for all ignio functionalities, including Event Management, Health Check, Automated Root Cause Analysis, Proactive Prevention of Outages and Performance Degradation, as well as Change Management.

In addition to managing on-premise IT landscape, ignio brings OOB capabilities to manage Azure estate of customers by leveraging Azure native technologies and API's.

Customers of ignio™ AIOps have been able to achieve

  • Reduction in time required to recover from an IT outage by 90%
  • Reduction in operational risk by more than 90%
  • Identification and elimination of issues proactively up to 40%
  • Reduction in time required to process user requests up to 90%
  • Reduction manual effort spent on managing IT Operations up to 60%

Key ignio AIOps Cloud Capabilities

  • Blueprinting, provides visibility across all Azure cloud resources, pattern detection and normal behavior profile
  • Cloud Analyze, provides resource level actionable insight to manage cloud waste and sprawl
  • Health Check, proactive health check to ensure high availability of mission critical services
  • Event Management, single dashboard to manage all events and alerts. Reduces noise, anomaly detection, automate triaging by integrating with ITSM tools

About Digitate :

Digitate is a leading software provider bringing agility, assurance, and resiliency to IT and business operations. ignio™, an award-winning AIOps software, reimagines enterprise IT and business landscape with its unique and innovative closed-loop approach that combines context, insights and intelligent automation to autonomously resolve and prevent issues.