TwinWorX™ - Centralized Monitoring and Control of Facilities

e-Magic Inc.

TwinWorX™ - Centralized Monitoring and Control of Facilities

e-Magic Inc.

TwinWorX™ integrates and normalizes all process data into a Digital Twin

TwinWorX™ is a scalable, secure and high-availability platform that integrates and normalizes all telemetry data into a single platform, offering a Single Pane of Glass(SPoG) , resulting in increased operational visibility while providing real-time and historical data for visualization, command and control, alarming, trending, reporting, analytics, optimization, ML and AI, integration with work order and other business systems.

TwinWorX™ runs on-premise as well as in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and supports international standards for asset tagging, data acquisition and normalization.

TwinWorX™ applications include:

Centralized monitoring and control

Users have the ability monitor, visualize, control and optimize facility operations in a single pane of glass.

Integration of data from multiple sources

Connecting to the built world, sensors, business systems, anything and everything.

Aggregation, storage and analysis of data

Performing alarming, reporting, fault detection and diagnosis (FDD), predictive maintenance and optimization.

Analytics and display of IoT data

With our analytics, clients optimize energy resources, enhance asset performances and unlock new levels of insight to improve interoperability of their systems. Use cases include occupancy monitoring, temperature/humidity monitoring, asset tracking, predictive cleaning for toilets/bathrooms, smart parking, smart waste, people monitoring.

Our unique TwinWorX™ Explore provides 3D graphic visualization and data modeling to effectively construct compatible views of the built world and can be created from construction models. It also applies augmented and virtual reality for operation insights.

TwinWorX™ Insights uses human expertise, ML and AI to detect, diagnose, predict, advise and optimize the performance of your processes.

TwinWorX™ Insights Benefits:

· Detects and diagnoses process faults

· Predicts process states

· Advises on how to improve process performance

· Optimizes process performance autonomously