Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service)


Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service)


The official Elastic Cloud offering Elasticsearch and Kibana as a managed service.

Update: Elasticsearch is now available as a native service within Azure! Click here to deploy Elasticsearch. You can also subscribe to this marketplace offer and deploy Elasticsearch from Elastic Cloud if you choose.

Elastic Cloud gives you the power of Elasticsearch and Kibana as a managed service, but also our solutions for enterprise search, observability and security. Easily search applications, websites and workplace content platforms for information. Quickly gain deep insights into your environment by monitoring applications and up-time, as well as analyzing centralized logs and metrics. Help protect your technology investment by layering endpoint security with security event monitoring. With our managed service offering, deployments are operated, patched, secured, and supported by the experts at Elastic, freeing you to focus on your business. 

Key Features

  • Elastic Enterprise Search

    • App Search

    • Workplace Search

  • Elastic Observability

    • Logs

    • Metrics

    • APM

    • Tracing

    • Uptime and more

  • Elastic Security

    • SIEM

    • Endpoint protection and response

  • Elasticsearch Service

    • Managed Elasticsearch and Kibana for your ELK stack use case

  • Centralize and observe logs from Azure Resource manager, Event Hub, Active Directory,  sign-in, audit logs, and more with Filebeat

  • Visualize metrics from Azure Monitor, including billing, application insights, container and database services, storage, and more with Metricbeat 

  • Connect Workplace Search to Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint Online on Azure

  • Multiple Azure regions around the globe

  • Free 2GB Enterprise Search, 512MB APM, 1GB Machine Learning and Kibana nodes included