RegexFlow Azure Function for Regular Expressions

Epicycle Limited

RegexFlow Azure Function for Regular Expressions

Epicycle Limited

RegexFlow is a Regular Expression Azure Function designed to deliver a Regex Action in PowerAutomate

Are you frustrated by the lack of Regular Expressions in Power Automate? Do you need a solution that meets your compliance requirements for data processing?
RegexFlow is the solution for you.

Key technical benefits

  • Hosted in your Azure environment to help meet compliance requirements (no data processing outside your Azure tenant)

  • Includes a custom connector to integrate seamlessly into your Power Automate environments

End user benefits

  • For Azure admins and security specialists, the solution runs entirely in your own tenant, allowing for full control and data management.

  • For Power Automate users, the custom connector provides a Power Automate action that easily integrates into Flows.

What our customers say

“We couldn’t believe that Regular Expressions were not natively supported in Power Automate Cloud Flows. We couldn’t use a SaaS solution based on our data processing/ compliance requirements. Finding RegexFlow’s Azure Function for Regular Expressions solved our problem with a few clicks. We are very happy with the solution and the team have been very responsive with any questions we have had.”- NIall Rafferty, Medxnote.

About Epicycle

Epicycle has over 10 years' experience with Microsoft technologies and develops solutions to enhance and improve end users’ experience with Microsoft Technologies.

We created the RegexFlow solution to meet our own needs and we use it every day to help optimise our Flows and meet our compliance requirements.

Try RegexFlow for free using our public SaaS service available in PowerAutomate. Search for ‘RegexFlow Regular Expression’ in the Power Automate Actions search bar.