Enterprise Unstructured Data Migration and Transformation


Enterprise Unstructured Data Migration and Transformation


AI powered enterprise unstructured data management with migration, transformation & extraction

Expede is an Azure & Active Directory native SaaS solution for automated migration and transformation of unstructured data with automated deduplication and data sorting that does not require any preparation, pre-processing or data cleaning.

Consumption Based Pricing to support Agile Business Process

The Expede is provided on a consumption basis for data processing and access, so only pay for processing that is required. By applying an Agile approach to unstructured data management, organizational groups obtain shorter time to value with lower initial budget commitments.

Extract meta data & native content at a rate of 10,000 pages per dollar ($1) & apply AI powered OCR when required at a rate of 1,000 pages per dollar ($1). Billed on a per page basis.

Elastic Dedicated Hyperscale Database

Expede is built with enterprise grade SQL elastic dedicated hyperscale database that expands & contracts to meet business requirements & budgets. The dedicated database enables all data from transformed files to be quickly accessed and utilized from a few TB to PB of data without loss of performance or system access. Each dedicated database is full redundancy with backup & 99.9% availability.

Data Archive

Expede provides real-time data archive that permits data to be freely moved in and out of archive to save storage, system resource and database costs. This allows organizations to retain more historical data in a structured manner that can be accessible to users only when required in a matter minutes.

Security & Access

User access is controlled through enterprise-wide multi-tenant Active Directory with complete control over user data access with enterprise grade Azure data & application security.

Search & Document Analysis Tools

Expede provides a growing number of tools to support detailed analysis capabilities that allows users to find & compile information & documents. Analysis tools allow document review by meta data, document details, email traffic analysis etc.

Desktop Migration Tool

Expede provides a simple to use & deploy desktop migration tool which allows distribution across organizational groups to support Agile migration projects. The migration tool automatically deduplicates documents & maintains detailed audit logs of migration process across network drives, cloud storage & local computers.

Base Application License.

Monthly Subscription of $3,580

Inclusive of:

  • Expede Platform hosted in Azure
  • Enterprise Security
  • Desktop Migration application
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9%
  • Dedicated High Performance Hyperscale Database with full redundancy
  • Dedicated High Speed Storage of 10TB with full redundancy & backup
  • 500 Users
  • 350 User Access Hours per Month (with overage charged at $0.89 per Hour).
  • Allowance for 50 3rd. Party Connections (through their Active Directory Account) for controlled and secure central collaboration
  • Document quality control comments, approvals & integrated action management
  • Enterprise Advanced Search and data complier
  • AI Analysis Tools
  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • User Access controls

File Processing.

Consumption Basis at 10,000 pages per $1 billed on a per page basis.

Processed at approximately 100,000 pages per hour.

Advanced Page Processing with OCR

Consumption Basis User selectable at 1,000 pages per $1 billed on a per page basis.

Processed at approximately 25,000 pages per hour & includes the extraction of complex content such as handwriting, images graphs & tables

User Access

Consumption Basis Per User Hour at $1.00 per hour

For every Users accessing the Platform, dedicated processing capacity is provided to ensure high performance and near real-time response. Unlimited number of Users and only pay for time being spent in the system accessing data.

Data Connections and Custom Offer

Should you require connection of other data sources or have a specific project requirement, please request a Custom Offer.