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F5 NGINX for Azure

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Deliver modern applications with F5 NGINX for Azure, offered as an Azure native SaaS solution

F5 NGINX for Azure is an Azure native SaaS offering co-developed by F5 & Microsoft that enables enterprises to seamlessly extend workloads to the cloud and deliver secure and high-performance applications in Azure using the familiar and trusted load balancing solution, NGINX.

Integrated User Experience via Azure Portal

NGINX-as-a-Service deployment and management model with an integrated user experience via Azure’s Portal providing pay-as-you-go pricing and private offers.

Bring Your Own Configuration (BYOC)

Seamless lift-and-shift experience of your existing NGINX configuration, so you can migrate or extend your workloads to the cloud with minimal effort.

Advanced Traffic Management

Powered by NGINX Plus, you can unlock advanced traffic management services such as JWT authentication, active health checks for intelligently routing requests to services that are operational, and much more, while allowing you to leverage the Azure ecosystem with such built-in integrations as Azure Key Vault for SSL/TLS certificate management.

Powerful Insights and Visibility

Built-in integration with Azure Monitor for much greater visibility of app availability, usage, and performance.


  • Lift-and-shift NGINX configuration to the cloud with minimal effort
  • Simplified NGINX deployments and lower operational overhead in Azure cloud
  • Consistency in application performance across multi-cloud environments spanning on-prem and Azure cloud apps
  • Deep integration with the Azure ecosystem, including Azure Key Vault and Azure Monitor
  • Enhanced application security and resilience with advanced traffic management capabilities such as JWT authentication and active health checks.
  • Consumption-based pricing to better align infrastructure costs to actual usage.