Flexify.IO - Multi-Cloud Storage

Distribute or replicate data between multiple clouds or regions.

Flexify.IO - Multi-Cloud Storage


Distribute or replicate data between multiple clouds or regions.

Flexify.IO enables cloud-agnostic and multi-cloud storage deployments by combining Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and other object storages into a single virtual storage and making it available via the industry-standard S3 API.

With commoditization of IaaS many companies are looking for ways to diversify cloud storage in order to gain flexibility and cost savings now and in the future. Flexify.IO solves this challenge with our proprietary cloud-native storage virtualizing technology.


  • S3-compatable Virtual Endpoint. Though Flexify.IO Virtual Endpoint your users and applications can access all data from all attached storage accounts without caring where the data is located at the moment. Object URLs remain the same even if all or some objects are moved between clouds or storage accounts.
  • Storage Policies. The policy allows you to define storage accounts to put new data to. This allows wide range of scenarios such as simple replication, distribution or passive migration.
  • API Translation. Flexify.IO automatically translates S3 calls to underlying storage-native API such as Azure Storage API, effectively making your application cloud-agnostic.


  • Easy to Use. With Flexify.IO intuitive web UI configuring multi-cloud storage is as easy as copy-pasting storage keys and can be done in just a few minutes.
  • No Lock In. Flexify.IO eliminates lock in to any single cloud provider. With Flexify.IO, migrating data between clouds is complitely transparent for your users and apps.
  • Unified API. With Flexify.IO your applications can use the industry standard S3 API to store data in any cloud.

How It Works

Flexify.IO proxies S3 requests from an application, converts it if necessary, directs it to one or more cloud storages and combines the results. Our storage virtualization technology is completely stateless, and we do not store any customer’s data or catalogue. This also ensures unlimited horizontal scalability.

We paid special attention to ensuring fastest possible performance, minimum delay and maximum TPS. Independent tests showed that Flexify.IO is at least twice as fast as the nearest competitor.


Flexify.IO supports Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces and many other cloud storage providers.


Please contact us at if you would like to deploy Flexify.IO in a centrally managed scale set for better reliability and performance.


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