Flexify.IO - Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob Storage


Flexify.IO - Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob Storage


Amazon S3-compatible API to access data in Azure Blob Storage

*** Please select a VM size with at least 2 GB RAM. ***

Flexify.IO S3 API for Azure provides S3-compatible API for Azure Blob Storage enabling existing applications designed for Amazon Web Services to store data in Azure.

Most cloud-native applications are designed to work with Amazon S3 API, but Azure Blob Storage has its own proprietary API and is not compatible with S3. Flexify.IO adds S3 compatibility to an existing Azure Blob Storage.


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  • S3 endpoint. Flexify.IO provides a virtual S3-compatible endpoint for your S3 applications to connect to.
  • S3-to-Azure Proxy. Flexify.IO transparently converts Amazon S3 API to Azure Blob API on-the-fly.
  • S3 Compatibility. Flexify.IO handles small differences between Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage such as automatically escaping unsupported symbols in Azure Blob keys.
  • Azure Direct Access. With Flexify.IO you can access the same Azure Blob Storage account both directly via Azure API and indirectly via S3 API.


  • No Lock-In. Flexify.IO eliminates lock-in to any single cloud provider. You’re free to stop using Flexify.IO at any time as well.
  • Unified API. With Flexify.IO your applications can use the industry-standard S3 API to store data in any cloud.
  • No Code Change. Flexify.IO eliminates the need to change application code when migrating existing applications to Azure.


Flexify.IO is stateless and does not store or catalogue any customer data.

We paid special attention to ensuring the fastest possible performance, minimum delay, and maximum TPS. Independent tests showed that Flexify.IO is at least twice as fast as the nearest competitor.


Please contact us at if you would like to deploy Flexify.IO in a centrally managed scale set for better reliability and performance.


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