Doc Reader : Intelligent Document Processing

Fortia AI

Doc Reader : Intelligent Document Processing

Fortia AI

Automate information extraction from financial documents (prospectus, financial statements, KIID...)

This Intelligent Document Processing tool allows automating information extraction from financial documents. Artificial intelligence algorithms are already trained to extract information from:
  • Prospectus

  • Statuts

  • Annual Reports

  • Contracts

  • Monthly Reports

  • Financial Statements

  • Offering Memorandums


  • ESG Disclosure documents

  • Key Fact

The tool loads these documents, detect the language, analyze the format (if native or scanned), it convert it to a suitable format, then AI algorithms extract the needed information (from texts and tables). Once Data is extracted from documents, it allows for automatic reconciliation between several data sources (Prospectus and KIID from the same fund, two versions of the same document, a document and the Data in a product repository.).