Foxit Document Transformation Services

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Foxit Document Transformation Services

Foxit Software

Industry Leading document compression & conversion technology

Do More with Documents

Brings advanced document compression & conversion as a self-hostable, private web service to your Azure subscription.

We help organizations create efficient documents while reducing costs by leveraging industry-leading, enterprise-scale document conversion and compression technology.

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Our product can be used to:

  • Speed up file transfer/open times by making PDF files smaller
  • Normalize born digital and image files to searchable PDF
  • Redact critical PII content from documents
  • Shrink files for email or upload
  • Improve document quality by scanning at a higher DPI and/or in color while reducing file sizes
  • Add watermarks, headers, footers
  • Integrate via restful web services APIs with other applications

  • Key Benefits:

  • Smarter and faster content migrations via advanced compression/conversion
  • Remote/Mobile Worker efficiency by speeding up document access by 50%
  • Overcome file email/upload pain points by shrinking documents
  • PII protection via automatic redaction
  • Ensure regulatory compliance via document normalization to PDF/A
  • Mitigate uncertain cloud egress/storage costs