GlobalLogic Data Platform

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GlobalLogic Data Platform

GlobalLogic Technologies Limited

GlobalLogic Data Platform for Azure to accelerate data to knowledge & actionable insights journey

GlobalLogic Data Platform is an accelerator which manifests a fully functional (ingest, transform, process, store, access & analyze) Data Platform within a target/ greenfield cloud account with consistency and a significantly reduced turnaround time of days instead of months.

GlobalLogic Data Platform leverages cloud native PAAS technologies and allows Enterprises to quickly set up a solution which can gather data from across their enterprise, transform/enrich it and make it available to their Analysts/ Data Scientists/ Partners in order to extract value and insights.


GlobalLogic Data Platform fits the best if you are looking for

  • Starting with a with a simple/functional/scalable solution which is cloud based and leverages PaaS 

  • Have a minimal technology/licensing footprint

  • Fast adoption of cloud technologies with little or no development or operational skills 

  • Quickly set a Data Platform up and running on Azure with ingestion, transformation, storage and access capabilities ready to go for use by users and data scientists

  • Not ready to commit to licensing of heavy weight solutions


Key Value Propositions:

  • Centralized and unified data platform 

  • Faster time to market and faster value realization

  • Single source of truth for various stakeholders and teams

  • Standard Architecture leveraging Industry best practices using cloud native PAAS technologies

  • Consistency, standardization and reuse for executing all data projects/ engagements resulting in effort and cost saving and quick turnaround times.

  • Centralized role based access control across all data, components and user interfaces including CLI and APIs

  • Effective and efficient discovery of data sources and data in the data platform.