Unified Network and Security Operations Management Service

Global Technology Integrator Ltd.

Unified Network and Security Operations Management Service

Global Technology Integrator Ltd.

A fully-managed security service with NSOC convergence for enterprise to safeguard assets.

The NOC and SOC solutions optimize enterprises resources by consolidating operations and re-engineering processes, with a holistic infrastructure and security view of the IT system, providing a better security posture and more effective network management.

NOC and SOC have long been two reliable bastions of enterprise protection. Enterprises are looking to converge these two realms to safeguard assets and provide comprehensive security coverage. Unified Network and Security Operations Management Service is a solution for monitoring network devices and applications’ activities, workload, performance, and network security. Providing events monitoring, logs analysis, incident escalation, threat detection, integrated dashboard, automation and much more to ensure enterprise network is capable of sustaining business operations and meeting business needs.

Addressing Enterprise Network and Security Challenges

  • A convergence of NSOC provides your NOC and SOC engineers with an integrated view over all data about the events.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Improves operation efficiency for NOC and SOC teams, and raise automation and orchestration to a new level.

GTI + Microsoft Sentinel and Defender

  • Proactive SIEM/Security devices support and security monitoring to identify service impact and security threats.
  • Reduce MTTR with Security Operation (SecOps) Automation.
  • A managed security service protects, detects and mitigates against cyber threats proactively.

GTI + Full-stack Monitoring Solutions on Microsoft Azure

  • Consolidate alerts from multiple network domains and get a unified dashboard over your network.
  • Ensuring 99.99% uptime.
  • Monitoring end-point devices, applications and data centres as well as 3rd-party services to ensure business continuity.

3 Tiers Available:
Standard Tier (NOC) — Network Health Optimization
Monitor a wide spectrum of network tasks and optimize network health.
Ensuring Continuous Services:
  • Cloud and on-premises resources monitoring.
  • Availability monitoring.
  • Full stack observability dashboard.

Advanced Tier (SOC) — Enterprise-Proven Fast Time-to-Value
Detect and respond to malicious activity and potential intrusions.
Managed Security Service:
  • Microsoft Sentinel and Defender deep analysis.
  • Leverage EDR&NDR AI/ML capabilities.
  • Security Operation (SecOps) Automation.

Premium Tier (NSOC) — Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Maintain optimal network performance, while identify, investigate and response to threats and cyber attacks.
24x7 Comprehensive Protection:
  • NOC and SOC integrated dashboard.
  • Better visibility with faster response.
  • More accurate incident identification and detection.