MagnifAI by Globant


MagnifAI by Globant


AI-Powered Automated Visual Testing

MagnifAI is an AI-powered automated visual testing platform that speeds up test cycles by incorporating artificial intelligence to any automation framework, making it possible to automate repetitive quality assurance tasks even in the most complex visual scenarios.

Our platform closes the gap between technology and human capabilities, simplifying testing processes while enabling teams to deliver higher-quality products on time. Whether you’re testing a mobile, desktop, or web app, if your automation framework can call an API, MagnifAI will do its job. And because we are industry-agnostic, you can leverage the power of our platform no matter what industry your business is in.

MagnifAI was developed inside the Quality Engineering Studio at Globant, a digitally native company founded in 2003 that focuses on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, unlocking an organization's full potential with cutting-edge AI solutions.


  • It automates visual validations, it is particularly useful when comparing content migration and other validations between layouts, visual components, and development environments.

  • Integration with traditional automation frameworks (e.g. Selenium, Appium, Storybook, JUnit, TestCafé, Cypress, etc).

  • Validates the presence of an element and allows you to interact with the element without accessing the DOM.

  • Locates the relative position of elements within an image.

  • Image Comparison: Differences between images at the pixel level with a configurable percentage of accuracy.

Key Benefits

  • Improve quality by leveraging AI to do visual testing without relying on human eye strain, quickly finding errors that could drive customers away.

  • Accelerate time-to-market by allowing faster and more frequent testing, reducing the time needed to find and fix visual errors.

  • Reduce maintenance time to let your team focus on higher-level development.

  • Expand test automation coverage, targeting scenarios that traditionally relied on manual testing or ended up as technical debt.

  • Allow your team to oversee the entire testing process instead of time-consuming, tiring and repetitive tasks.