CSOC | Cloud Security Operations Center

Glück & Kanja

CSOC | Cloud Security Operations Center

Glück & Kanja

Managed Security Center as a Service

Our CSOC team offers Cloud Security Monitoring and Support as a Managed Service for Microsoft 365 customers. Our experts operate on 24/7:



Microsoft's cloud security solutions are much more powerful than anything currently available in the on-premises infrastructure. The cloud offers many great benefits with the ability to use Threat Intelligence (TI) along with machine learning on all Microsoft customers. These world-class tools and portals give you all the information you need to respond quickly to threats; however, it can be a challenge to keep pace with these new developments and deploy specialists with the proper skills and expertise to manage your security status.

The Security Package

Glueck & Kanja monitors your Microsoft-based cloud security services. Our experts oversees Cloud Services such as:

  • Microsoft Defender ATP
  • O365 ATP
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Identity Protection
  • MCAS
  • Installed Applications
  • Compliance & Update Status
  • External Sharing & B2B Gäste
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Desired State
  • Azure Security Center

Microsoft Defender ATP (MDATP)

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is an important component of our CSOC service. Our threat experts manage the attacks and vulnerabilities in the customer tenants, detect advanced next-generation threats, and are able to respond to them.

Effective IT Security must be Simple

We know that our customers can be extremely busy; therefore, we want to help save them time. For this reason, we create monthly safety reports in which we prioritize and focus on critical vulnerabilities. Along with this, we also hold monthly Teams meetings to explain key issues. This allows our customers to focus every month on improving the most crucial security concerns to ward off cyber attacks in advance.