SCEPman | Intune SCEP-as-a-Service

Glück & Kanja
Intune SCEP-as-a-Service

SCEPman | Intune SCEP-as-a-Service

Glück & Kanja

Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
SCEPman Enterprise


User Segments Monthly Costs (monthly/yearly subscription)
1 to 250 (Minimum of 50 users) 1.10 €/1.00 € per user in segment
251 to 1,000 0.33 €/0.30 € per user in segment
1,001 to 5,000 0.22 €/0.20 € per user in segment
5,001 to 10,000 0.17 €/0.15 € per user in segment
10,001 to 20,000 0.11 €/0.10 € per user in segment
20,001 to 50,000 0.09 €/0.08 € per user in segment
more than 50,000 0.07 €/0.06 € per user in segment

If you want to test SCEPman in your own environment you can use the Azure Marketplace and install directly into your lab or production subscription. Without a license key, you are limited to the features of the Community Edition (no redundancy and no DC certificates). If you want to test these features, please contact us. After successful test, you can purchase an Enterprise subscription and just add a license key to your configuration.

SCEPman Community EditionSCEPman Community Edition (CE) is free to use. It is not covered by our support-services. It does not include the enterprise features (redundancy and DC certificates).
SCEPman CE and Enterprise use the same binaries. You can upgrade CE to Enterprise by just entering a license key.