GRAX Backup, Archive, & Recovery for Salesforce


GRAX Backup, Archive, & Recovery for Salesforce


Own 100% of your Salesforce data throughout its lifecycle,from backup to archive and analytics to AI

GRAX empowers you to fully protect, own, and control access to your mission-critical Salesforce data. Easily backup, capture, and replicate your CRM data into your Azure environment to maximize data reuse in your data warehouse, analytics, and ML/AI tools.

Automating data protection and data pipelines for Salesforce administrators and data teams with GRAX + Azure.

Own Your Data

Take control of your Salesforce backup and archive data. Store your backup and archive data in your Azure blob store. GRAX gives you the best way to support your compliance needs (GDPR, HIPAA, WORM, CCPA, and others) by preserving your CRM data's digital Chain of Custody.

Access it Anywhere

Your data doesn't disappear from Salesforce production even when your backup & archive lives in your Azure environment. Search, view, compare, & analyze historical versions of your backup and archive data over time with ease in the Salesforce interface.

Reuse Your Data

Take your Salesforce data anywhere Parquet is supported (e.g., PowerBI). Enable your BI/BA, analytics, & business teams to consume & report on your CRM data with clicks, not code.

A better data protection solution:

    • True ownership by replicating all Salesforce data to your Azure environment
    • Increase RPO with automated hourly backups
    • Reduce RTO with performant GRAX Recovery
    • High-frequency archive jobs for optimized Salesforce app performance
    • Peace of mind for compliance needs & potential cyber attacks (e.g. ransomware)
    • Faster data consumption by piping and reusing their data in PowerBI and other tools with History Stream.

See for yourself why the Global 100 trust GRAX:

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