iSpring Learn LMS SaaS offer for Government


iSpring Learn LMS SaaS offer for Government


SaaS Offer - Cloud based LMS eLearning Platform, 100% SCORM

Saas and Cloud Based LMS

iSpring Learn is a Cloud based LMS eLearning Platform, Easy to use, Create and deliver corporate training / education online with 100% SCORM which shall meet the growing need for Continuing education and training (CET) short courses.

Upload Content you already have

Store and manage downloadable files: instructions, cheat sheets, or lists that may come in handy or serve as reference docs for your learners. You can upload any DOC, XLS, PPT, and PDF file or a link there. 

LMS with 11 languages

Supports 11 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Mobile Learning

With free iSpring Learn applications for iOS and Android, learners can study when and where they want to, and even save courses to their devices to take them offline.

Powerful Dashboard Management

Manage users’ (i.e. Administrator, Trainer and Learner) accounts (i.e. creation, deletion and edit) and passwords (i.e. reset).

View and edit users’ profiles and export via MS Excel format.

Create and edit categorized courses (e.g. scheduled, completed, etc.) with details such as overview, course image, schedule/duration, venue, trainer, and type (i.e. classroom, blended, e-learning).

Assign Learners to the courses manually or via a MS Excel format upload template - manually + automatic assignments that can be set up by admins

SCORM Courses

Upload learning materials including but not limited to Microsoft Documents, PDF files, image files, video clips, SCORM contents and weblink (i.e. for pre-created evaluation form, or other learning resources) for each course.

Monitor and provide report on Learners’ progress in SCORM contents including embedded assessment components via MS Excel format.

Zoom Integration

Set up live communication with screen sharing and chats right in iSpring Learn. Online meetings are available from any device and recorded in HD-format for future playback.

Fair Price

Award-winning technology at , the best price. No hidden fees for storage or bandwidth.


Train Sales Representatives, Call Center Operators, Employees and provide online courses to Polytechnics, Schools, Universities Students.

Getting Started with iSpring Learn

Start uploading your iSpring Learn in minutes, for more information, follow the instructions under the following link: