Illusive Identity Risk Management

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Illusive Identity Risk Management

Illusive Networks

Prevent cyberattacks by discovering and automatically mitigating exploitable privileged identities

90% of global enterprise organizations use Active Directory (AD) as their primary method of authentication and user authorization. According to Microsoft, 95 million AD accounts are attacked daily. If attackers can penetrate AD, they can potentially gain access to the entire network.1

Organizations often find it a challenge to adapt on-premise cyber defenses when moving to the cloud, as cloud migration grows the attack surface significantly and accentuates security flaws in existing on-premise defenses. This creates discrepancies between AD and Azure identity policies that lead to unauthorized access and prolonged attacker dwell times in search of high-value assets.

Illusive enhances the visibility and monitoring of privileged identities in Azure Active Directory by identifying and eliminating pathways and credentials that attackers might leverage to move towards critical data stored there.

The integration between Illusive and Azure Active Directory allows organizations to:

·        Manage their attack surface by visualizing and automating the discovery of critical assets in the cloud

·        Find and remove redundant, excessively privileged, misconfigured or otherwise vulnerable users that attackers typically exploit to move laterally towards critical assets

·        Map and connect privileged users in the cloud and on-premise to identify, monitor and remediate any violations or inconsistencies

·        Obtain intelligence about privileged identity risk level on any given endpoint.

For additional information on the integration, users may visit the Illusive documentation portal 

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