Incredibuild - Cloud Agent

IncrediBuild (Xoreax Ltd.)

Incredibuild - Cloud Agent

IncrediBuild (Xoreax Ltd.)

Incredibuild Cloud - Unleash unlimited software development acceleration potential.

Incredibuild Hybrid Cloud accelerates builds and other time-consuming workloads by seamlessly bursting your compute to thousands of cores in the cloud just when you need them and freeing the compute power when done. Our customers have already utilized over 250,000 cores on the cloud to ramp up their software development.

Companies from all leading sectors are improving their time-to-market and peak time performance by boosting their development pipelines with Incredibuild Hybrid Cloud. In the gaming sector, this omni-channel solution is speeding up builds, testing, imaging, graphics, and other tasks by up to 30 times.

Our main benefits include:

  • Scale Up Seamlessly - Peak times? Tight deadlines? Launching new features? Incredibuild Hybrid Cloud will help you get the job done on time.
  • Pocket-Friendly - Pay only as per your usage, with no annual commitments. You will also see your investments in hardware and resources go down.
  • Less IT Overhead - You get instant availability with zero maintenance. IT teams don’t have to deal with cumbersome installations and migrations.

Getting Started:

Gain access to thousands of cores and machines in the public cloud to ramp up development at peak times, even with multiple teams working remotely. Our new on-demand solution is easy to install with an intuitive interface that requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for training and onboarding.

  • Step 1: Download Incredibuild or make sure you have the latest Incredibuild version installed.
  • Step 2: Install Incredibuild Coordinator on a Virtual Machine (VM).
  • Step 3: Install an Incredibuild Initiator Agent on every VM from which task executions will be initiated.
  • Step 4: Activate Incredibuild Hybrid Cloud.

Learn More:

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