Incredibuild Cloud


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Incredibuild Cloud


(1 ratings)

Incredibuild Cloud - Unleash unlimited software development acceleration potential.

Incredibuild for Cloud

10x acceleration, 30% lower cloud costs - what's not to love?

The Incredibuild platform delivers powerful distributed processing and unique build caching acceleration. This enables far faster dev cycles and far greater iteration frequency – raising product quality, time-to-market and customer satisfaction, while dramatically lowering cloud costs, Incredibuild works with just a lightweight Agent – no need to install any build tools or source code.

How it works

  •        Intercepts dev process initiation
  •        Reuses cached output from previous builds when input is unchanged
  •        Breaks down dev process into micro-processes
  •       Distributes in parallel beyond the capacity of a specific machine

Incredibuild Autoscale

Incredibuild automatically monitors the amount of cores needed at any given moment. This means that Incredibuild can dynamically and optimally allocate or de-allocate instances based on your predefined preferences, workload demands and core availability. Incredibuild automatically spins up new instances and transfers cache - ensuring seamless processing continuity.

Incredibuild Fallback

Incredibuild will work within a defined policy to provision a machine based on a secondary instance type choice. If this instance type is also not available, then it will attempt to provision a machine based on a third choice.

Getting started:

  1. Go to to receive a 30-day trial license  
  2. Allocate the license from step #2
  3. Install the Initiator agent from the installation file you got from step #2
  4. In the Coordinator, click the Scale to Cloud button

Learn more:

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