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Solution for business process management. First step in digital transformation.

ForceBPM by IT-Enterprise
This solution helps our clients’ businesses undergo digital transformation into smart businesses, get the most of their work, stay adaptive and drive change in management processes

We offer the latest architecture and No-Code / Low-Code platform for the development of individual process applications
Our solution helps our clients to transform into smart businesses.
• Quick work with all your tasks in one task manager
• Easy work with business processes
• Support global standards: BPMN 2.0, DMN, CMMN
• Declarative configuration of process using No-Code / Low-Code tools
• Business Intelligence (BI) for process performance analysis

For survival and growth, a business needs to be based on a process approach. You need to quickly develop and rebuild your processes, clearly understand the causes of inefficiency and work with them. This will help you successfully launch new business branches and products

Solving business problems with ForceBPM
• Easy description of business processes with No-Code / Low-Code tools.
• Support of BPMN 2.0, DMN, CMMN notations
• Task and document management in a single interface - Tasks Web & Mobile
• Transparency and control of business processes, monitoring operations
• Performance analysis to continuously improve processes and identify “bottlenecks” in business

Force BPM & Microsoft Azure cloud (SAAS)
• Effective business process management in the cloud
• Just a few steps to get started
• Select the required amount of server resources and deploy the solution. This will allow you to start quickly and keep your data secure

Cloud platform is one of the advantages of the Service, which allows
• Quickly install the Service
• Easy to manage server resources and performance
• Work in a secure information space
• Easily and quickly scale solutions

Quick installation
Deploying the Cloud Service allows you to instantly start using solutions and quickly transform the company's business processes

Reliable cloud
Security is the core value of Azure and ForceBPM. Multi-level protection of the platform and the cloud, ensures the confidentiality of company data

Unlimited scaling
The cloud platform allows to carry out the operative analysis of productivity of server resources with a possibility of fast expansion or automatic scaling in the set ranges

ForceBPM Modeler
Save time with modern No-Code / Low-Code solutions for easy modeling and improvement of your business processes
No-Code / Low-Code approach will help you accelerate the digital transformation of your business. Create, configure and modify business processes with little or no coding at all
All business processes of your company will be stored in a single information space. Transparent interactions within the company and staff discipline control.
With process management in hand, you will find it much easier to adapt to market fluctuations
ForceBPM Modeler gives you extra room for business improvement.

ForceBPM Tasks
Manage your company's workflow and schedules in one user-friendly interface
Quick decision-making and higher efficiency at different levels - from individual employees to the whole company.
Comfortable simultaneous work of hundreds and thousands of users with tasks, documents and business processes

ForceBPM Analytics
Analyze the operational status and continuously improve your processes
Multi-vector analysis and process control
• Analysis of process performance statistics
• Monitoring the activity of process participants
• Analysis of executive discipline
• Identification of process “bottlenecks” with heat maps
• Comparative analysis of processes in terms of versions
• Monitoring deviations from planned process indicators
• Prompt notifications of any process events
• Status monitoring of all processes