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Explora Process

Explora Process is a Big Data Process Mining solution that can analyze any business process, representing exactly how it is performed.

Explora Process offers a swift and convenient way to identify trends, patterns, weaknesses, bottlenecks or inefficiencies of a process in its real execution, supporting control and investigation of any deviations from the defined reference process so to check for compliance.

Explora Process is a powerful decision support tool that facilitate increased efficiency and time and cost optimization of business operations by providing accurate information about actual process running performance along with predictive views of the process execution.

Explora Process supports you to successfully propel your Data-Driven Digital Transformation, effectively implement challenging paths of Process Automation (RPA), and promptly identify optimization opportunities for your own processes at any level.

Explora Process key pillar for analysis:

Discover & Check. Automatic and instant identification of your processes, as they really perform in the operational environment of your business, even if the process has never been mapped before. Enrich your data (digital traces) to visualize your process through a simple and intuitive graphical representation, showcasing all different modes (variants) in which the process is executed in practice. Check the level of compliance with a defined standard process.

Performance. Measure the performance of your processes (in terms of time, resources and costs), and the deviation from the expected values. Identifies the execution methods (variants) that create the detected inefficiencies. Detects any execution anomalies (outliers), supporting the processes Audit and SLA measurement. Supports identification of corrective actions necessary for compliance.

Improve. Standardize and transform your processes. Identify “good practices” in your way of running processes and find connections between the causes of inefficiencies and their solution. Use the most innovative technologies available (e.g. AI, RPA) to optimize and improve your performance (time and cost). Simulate applicable changes to understand how your processes can improve.

Gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of your game, with Explora Process.

This application is available in English and Italian languages.