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Using wisdom of the crowd, NanoNotion helps organizations to surface and magnify valuable knowledge.

Use your Azure AD Federated SSO for a 30-day, 20-user trial of NanoNotion.

NanoNotion Overview

Vast quantities of knowledge lie unused and unappreciated across all types of organizations. Using the wisdom of the crowd, NanoNotion helps organizations to recognize, curate, surface, and magnify knowledge that is valuable to the organization. NanoNotion provides a business-driven approach to take advantage of unstructured, informal knowledge and integrate it into the mainstream goals of the organization.

Users contribute, share, and view Notions, helping to increase the relevance and significance of information. The impact of a Notion ripples as it is shared and consumed throughout the organization. Users are recognized with indicators of their value and become positively challenged to bring worthwhile knowledge to light. In addition, both users and management profit from integrated statistics and mineable metrics.

Powerful Capabilities

  • Surface information that is valuable to the organization
  • Turn knowledge into valued products or services
  • Informal and social knowledge sharing
  • Reward users for their contributions
  • Measure institutional knowledge
  • Metrics highlight the impact on organizational performance
  • Information governance of policies and procedures
Leverage Microsoft Technologies and Applications

NanoNotion, a first of its kind, born on Azure SaaS application, extends an organization’s reach into the resources available anywhere within an organization or the Web. NanoNotion integrates with Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Database, and Office 365 Groups.

Enhance the value of your Microsoft Office and Office 365 Application and Services investment
  • Create Notions from a variety of Office 365 document types, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Easily insert links that support a Notion from materials located on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.
  • Use Microsoft Teams to socialize Notions, which helps to surface valuable knowledge. Once knowledge has value, use Teams to help transform knowledge into products and services.

Pricing, Availability, and Partnering

NanoNotion is subscription-based for all Microsoft Office 365 Business and/or Azure AD customers. Subscriptions begin as a low as $750 for up to 150 users. NanoNotion is ideally suited for Microsoft partners. Intralearn offers evaluation rights, generous incentives, and discounts.

Extended Trial Experience

For an extended trial experience with customized options, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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