Unlock your Mobile Identity



Unlock your Mobile Identity

Keyhub addresses simplicity and convenience, while providing a high level of security for any digital transaction. It removes the hassle for users to remember countless service specific usernames and passwords, while replacing them with a simple, but secure mobile confirmation based on Mobile Signatures technology.


  • Transparent and easy methods to securely authenticate and authorize transactions
  • Smooth Smartphone based solution, no need to physically deploy hardware tokens and smart provisioning
  • Mobility & Convenience

  • Anywhere, anytime, on any Smartphone
  • One single app for many use cases
  • Flexibility

  • Keyhub can be used with multiple services operated by different companies under the same umbrella
  • Easy to embed in any type of application and infrastructure, by using standard interfaces and packages
  • Security

  • Combines mobile signatures with server side signatures, based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • The confirmation method varies from the use of a secret PIN, biometrics or a simple confirmation
  • Keyhub is a Mobile Identity application, which allows Service Providers to let end users securely authenticate and authorize any digital transaction. For this it requires integration with the Service Providers and Certification Authorities.