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Archivist Security Twin Platform - Get it Now

Jitsuin, Inc.

Reveal, reduce and report risks in IoT while building trust with secure distributed ledgers.

Your Digital Transformation with Connected Things relies on data. Yet 62% of projects falter on lack of trust. Trust is the top long-term strategic priority for CxOs.

Connected Things need cybersecurity maintenance to feed high quality data to their Digital Twins, but your CISO's team can't keep track of a fast-growing number of Connected Things.

The Future of Trust needs Security Twins. Jitsuin Archivist Security Twins bring you the transparency, collaboration and automation you need to move fast and fix Things while boosting Digital Transformation.

Why is Archivist built on Distributed Ledgers?

Cybersecurity of Connected Things is a continuous delivery supply chain. All members of the supply chain have their own responsibilities and risks to manage, but they can’t operate alone. Makers of Connected Things patch vulnerabilities. System Integrators test for compatibility. Owners approve patches or otherwise mitigate. Maintenance teams schedule downtime to safely apply patches. Auditors keep account of service level agreements and regulators oversee organisations to build confidence in the system. The cybersecurity supply chain needs a new transparent, collaborative and automated platform to underpin trust in Digital Transformation with Connected Things.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is made for this supply chain collaboration. Jitsuin Archivist is a SaaS platform built on DLT that stakeholders use to permanently record when who did what to a Thing. Those transactions form a high integrity shared service history for each Connected Thing: its Security Twin.

Jitsuin Security Twins

Jitsuin Security Twins enables greater trust in data from Digital Twins, which deliver the following business outcomes:

  • Reveal security risks: See which Connected Things carry risks that can impact your busines
  • Reduce risk through collaboration: Build a distributed team to move fast and fix things.
  • Report to regulated industries: Continually prove compliance that secure Connected Things are safe Connected Things.
  • Enrich data: Prove where your data comes from to third parties who value it. 
  • Reinforce data: Make faster, better business decisions with assured intelligence.
  • Reduce costs: Deliver all outcomes with automated smart contracts 

Digital Transformation needs Security Twins to increase business efficiency, continuity and trust for enterprises. 

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