Runbook Studio: Easily Build Azure Automation Runbooks


Runbook Studio: Easily Build Azure Automation Runbooks


Simplify Azure Automation with low-code design studio, smart integrations and over 50 use cases.

Build Azure Automation runbooks in the Runbook Studio rather than the complicated Azure web browser experience. Benefit from low-code / no-code graphical authoring, ability to view and work on multiple runbooks at the same time and enabling coder and non-coder team members to easily build and manage Azure Automation.

Key features and benefits:

Kelverion Runbook Studio is designed to enable organizations to harness the power of Azure Automation to make it easier and faster to build, maintain and support Runbooks without the need to understand or write PowerShell. The Runbook Studio is an authoring studio which enables users to create Azure Automation runbooks using a drag and drop, code free, graphical authoring approach.

The Runbook Studio integrates and orchestrates third party systems to automate the day-to-day manual processes, which hinder and delay IT and Support Desk teams. Providing deep integration with Service Desks and enterprise management tools used in your business, enabling the automation of cloud and on-premise infrastructure and workloads. Deploy Integration Modules from the PowerShell Gallery, Kelverion Smart Integrations or your own PowerShell Integration Modules.

Ready-built automation solutions for more than 50 common automation use cases are included in the Server Pack including:

  • Employee onboarding / offboarding.
  • Standard IT tasks.
  • Microsoft 365 Management.
  • Event to Service Desk Incident Ticket creation
  • Remote Diagnostics and Remediation.

How is Kelverion Runbook Studio different?

Many automation tools offer a custom, pseudo-programming language that requires you to build your own automation. Native Azure Automation requires you to be a PowerShell coder. The Runbook Suite provides rich no-code graphical authoring, underpinned by the Microsoft PowerShell framework running in Azure Automation. This visual approach makes the creation of automation runbooks simpler and doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Deploying the Runbook Studio with Azure Automation delivers a true no code / low code IT Process Automation as a Service platform, enabling all team members to build and support IT automation.

The Kelverion Runbook Studio enhances the Microsoft Azure Automation service, providing:

  • A rich graphical design experience
  • Extensive GIT version and release management support
  • Visibility and management of multiple automation accounts across different subscriptions.
  • Kelverion Smart integrations.

This offer can be complemented with an easy to configure self-service Automation Portal pre-configured to trigger the included use cases. This is available as a separate offer.

Smart Integrations Included:

  • ServiceNow
  • BMC Helix ITSM
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Manage Engine
  • Freshservice
  • Salesforce
  • Azure Monitor
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Azure Infrastructure
  • VMware vSphere.

Automated deployment to get you started quickly

This offer automates the deployment of Azure Automation, the Kelverion Runbook Studio and supporting components in an arrangement which follows our best practices for Azure Automation and gets you up and running quickly.

How the Runbook Studio is Licenced:

Runbook Studio - Trial This plan provides a limited licence for the Runbook Studio only. It is intended to be a easy method to trial the low-code/no-code runbook design capability and charged at $50 per month.

Runbook Studio - Client Pack This plan provides 2 PC client licences for the Runbook Studio, the Kelverion Smart Integration Modules and the 50 use case runbooks. The Client Pack is charged at $1,095 per month.

Runbook Studio - Server Pack This provides the multi-user server licence for the Runbook Studio, the Kelverion Smart Integration Modules and the 50 use case runbooks. The Server Pack is charged at $1,995 per month.

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