KMD EnergyKey


KMD EnergyKey


KMD EnergyKey collects energy data and is used for consumption settlement and energy management.

KMD EnergyKey is a  future-proof IT solution designed to meet the increasing complexity in the energy market. The solution is developed with the energy and utility market as a foundation and is designed to cover business processes related to data retrieval and quality securing energy data from more than 50 different data sources e.g. IoT units, FM, CTS and BMS systems, and can be used for consumption settlement and energy management, including consumption overview, operational optimization green accounts energy advice and for various different roles in the energy and utility market. The solution is built to work across national and international borders and supports multiple languages, time zones and currencies.

Among other things, KMD EnergyKey calculates energy consumption, historical data and budget variations. Furthermore, it presents the results in an easily understandable context as required by the user

This is why customers choose KMD EnergyKey as energy management

- KMD EnergyKey can collect and utilize data from all relevant data sources in one overall solution.

- KMD EnergyKey provides both an overview and a detailed insight into energy consumption and impact on climate.

- KMD EnergyKey supports communication of the company’s CSR strategy with a focus on energy and climate KPI's.

This is why customers choose KMD EnergyKey for data management

KMD EnergyKey provides an overview and detailed insight into energy consumption.

- KMD EnergyKey can accumulate data from all essential loggers and remote reading systems and ensure independency from meter suppliers.

- KMD EnergyKey increases the value of remote reading projects and enhances the overview of data quality and security of data supply from configuration to dismounting.

- KMD EnergyKey enables proactive customer service and energy consulting which strengthen customer satisfaction.

- KMD EnergyKey enables large scale data exchange e.g. collects and exchanges data between dataloggers and AMR software and the billing system as well as the organization's own systems (BI, energy management solutions)

 The solution offers a number of benefits , regardless of whether the application is data collection and validation  or energy management. 

Delivery Method

KMD EnergyKey is a cloud-solution based on Microsoft Azure delivered to clients as Software as a Service (SaaS). This brings down the cost of maintenance and updates, and gives full transparency on present and future costs related to the system.