Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure

Komprise, Inc

Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure

Komprise, Inc

Analyzes and tiers from any vendor on-premises NAS to Azure and tiers within Azure to cut 70%+ costs

Save 70%+ of Storage and Backup Costs:

Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure analyzes across multi-vendor file storage, both on-premises and cloud. It identifies cold data, and based on the policies you set, it transparently tiers cold files to Azure Blob.

It also analyzes and tiers within Azure from Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files and any other cloud file storage to Azure Blob.

How it Works:

  • Connect to any file storage including NetApp, Dell PowerScale, Dell Isilon, Dell Unity/VNX, Windows Server, Nutanix, Pure, Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, Qumulo and any NFS, SMB or dual-mode, mixed-mode
  • Visibility across silos: Analytics on how much data you have, how fast it is growing, who is using it and how much it costs
  • Set policies on what data should be tiered and when and to which tier of Azure Blob
  • Project cost savings as you customize policies
  • No disruption: Tiers data with patented Transparent Move Technology (TMT) based on your policies to the appropriate Azure tiers
  • Native access to tiered files from the original location while the files remain as objects in Azure Blob
  • Native access to tiered files in Azure Blob: No vendor lock-in
  • Native access to all Azure Data Services

How it's Different:

  • No agents, no stubs, no proprietary interfaces
  • Scales to petabytes without any bottlenecks
  • Easy setup, get going in minutes
  • Tier to and within Azure
  • Special Azure pricing of $0.008/GB/mo based on annual subscription of 250TB+


  • Visibility across multi-vendor NAS and object storage
  • Cost modeling and ROI projections of using Azure to tier data
  • Cost savings of over 70% on storage, backup and DR
  • Extend the life and use of your storage, extend storage budgets
  • Ongoing lifecycle management in Azure so you always optimize price/performance
  • Ability to search, find and extract data across all on-premise and Azure classes and tiers

Intelligent Tiering for Azure Ideal Customer:

  • Data-heavy enterprises that want to manage file and object data growth and reduce storage spending
  • Unstructured file and object data is scattered across different silos and multiple storage vendors
  • IT has limited visibility into all data in storage, creating complexity, risk and high costs
  • IT needs a solution for hybrid cloud cost optimization to cut storage and backup costs
  • The organization has file data in Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files and wants to ensure data is in the right place at the right time