Kyvos BI Acceleration Platform

Kyvos Insights, Inc
OLAP on Azure: Supercharge your Business Intelligence on Big Data in the Cloud

Kyvos BI Acceleration Platform

Kyvos Insights, Inc

OLAP on Azure: Supercharge your Business Intelligence on Big Data in the Cloud

Kyvos enables you to build a modern BI architecture on Azure with built-in elasticity and perform complex, multidimensional analytics on your cloud workloads using your existing BI tools with unmatched performance and unlimited scalability.

Interactive BI at Massive Scale
Enable interactive analytics on trillions of data points on Azure for users across your enterprise. With Kyvos, your users can create reports on years of enterprise data and deep dive into the most granular details, all within seconds. Kyvos installs directly on your Azure platform and delivers unmatched performance at a massive scale with high concurrency.

Next-Generation OLAP Technology
Our innovative OLAP technology leverages the scalability and flexibility of your Azure platform to build massively scalable cubes. Data is fully pre-aggregated into these multidimensional cubes using HDInsight or Databricks on Azure. As all the combinations are processed in advance, there is no latency, and users get instant responses to queries across hundreds of dimensions and measures.

By provisioning an OLAP layer directly on the Azure platform, Kyvos brings SSAS-like OLAP capabilities to the analytic ecosystem of Azure. Kyvos lets you build cubes on hundreds of dimensions and measures without the need to write any code.

Autoscaling Reduces Costs
Scale up and down without disruption to deliver high performance during spikes and shrink costs during lean periods. Depending upon the load, you can schedule your querying capacity to scale up automatically to deal with peak loads, and then scale down to release resources when they are not needed.

Multidimensional Analytics using Any BI Tool
The Kyvos cubes can be accessed by standard interfaces like SQL, MDX, Rest API, which enables easy integration with visualization tools like Power BI, Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, Spotfire, and Business Objects and Cognos, as well as for data science engines like R and Python.

Unified Semantic Model
Kyvos provides a unified semantic model that delivers a single version of data for users across the enterprise. All metadata can be defined in Kyvos, eliminating the need to write complex logic in multiple tools. Users can then view the dimensions and measures that are available to them in their BI tool and drag and drop them into their visualizations in an intuitive way.

Secure BI on Azure
Enterprise-class data security at multiple levels, including row and column level security, ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see. With no data movement, Kyvos maintains the native data security layer through the cubes at the storage layer itself. The Kyvos cubes are stored and cached in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) GEN 2. It works seamlessly with the security and access management features of the Azure platform.