LACROIX telemetry solutions enable contract operators to supervise the entire chain in water network

LACROIX offer description

From sensors to self-powering data loggers, from telemetry PLCs, to central SCADA systems and software gateways towards Big Data and Smart Cities, the LACROIX smart water solution meets all network operators needs.
It enables public and private customers to digitalize and manage water and energy infrastructures, thanks to useful, robust and secured connected technologies.
LACROIX SOFREL remote management equipment (RTU) includes functions dedicated to the water or energy sectors. Modular, they integrate communication modems and input-output modules allowing them to be adapted to any type of installation.
Accessible to non-specialists in process control, these devices offer ready-to-use features such as alarm reporting, data archiving, balance calculation via a human-machine interface in clear language, enabling simple and immediate use.
Nonetheless, telemetry PLCs can support complete process control suites. They therefore enable trained personnel to conduct process control or complete regulation of their facility with their SOFREL device.
The LACROIX SOFREL IoT data loggers (DL) have been specially designed for the remote monitoring of underground hydraulic facilities which are isolated and have no electricity (metering manholes, sewer overflows, etc.). They perform calculations, save and regularly log data from the facilities and communicate it via 2G/4G to the SCADA central stations. They directly contribute to the performance of drinking water networks by quickly detecting leaking sectors. For waste water, SOFREL data loggers contribute to network self-monitoring and continuous diagnostics.
Then, LACROIX also offers software solutions and web servers for centralisation and remote exploitation of data. Interfaces to the supervisory control software system and third-party solutions of contract operators enable entirely secure opening of SOFREL telemetry networks to all SCADA solutions on the market.

Targeted users of the solution

This solution aims to enable water utilities, integrators and operators to control, master and enhance the water network performance they are in charge to daily manage.

Value propositions

Water telemetry definition and benefits

Comprising remote terminal units or data loggers connected to your installations, sensors and centralization software, telemetry and SCADA is a tool for remotely controlling and managing your networks. It offers contract operators many benefits. Telemetry and SCADA will very quickly help you manage your network better and optimize the operation of its devices.

You will make savings in energy and natural resources (leak detection) and operating gains by installing a telemetry and SCADA system. The responsiveness achieved through remote monitoring and by forwarding automatic alarms to personnel on stand-by duty will also help you improve the service provided to your users.

Accurately analyse your networks

Telemetry and SCADA gives you all the data concerning your network in the form of complete reports, which reflect its “state of health”: service life of technical parts (start counting and run time, etc.), network output, etc.

Accurate statistics also help you plan for supplementary installations for your network (e.g. installing sewer overflows according to the observed flow rate on the waste water treatment network).

Optimize the operation of your devices

Telemetry and SCADA monitors your network 24/7 and helps you control its efficiency on an ongoing basis. In the event of a failure or fault, the alarm is automatically and immediately sent to your maintenance personnel.

The possibility of performing instant diagnostics and intervening remotely will reduce service downtime. When a fault appears, maintenance personnel can intervene on the installation knowing the cause of the incident. This means they can plan to fit the appropriate replacement parts.

Achieve operating gains

Reduced energy costs (pumping during hours when electricity is provided at a reduced rate, optimisation according to actual needs, etc.) and travel costs (no more systematic visits) will allow you to make real savings.

Permanent monitoring of your installations enables you to extend the lifespan of your devices (preventive maintenance).