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Login Enterprise

Login VSI B.V.

360° proactive visibility into the performance, cost and capacity of your virtual desktops & apps

Login VSI’s Login Enterprise Platform helps IT teams proactively manage the performance, cost and capacity of their virtual desktops and applications wherever they reside - traditional, hybrid, or cloud. Ultimately preventing outages before users notice, optimizing spend – especially as you move to the cloud, and improving the employee experience. In fact, leading VDI and DaaS vendors use our platform to validate and improve their own products.

Proactive Performance Monitoring

  • Easily track performance and availability across your environments, sites and remote workers
  • Gain granular visibility from first login to application actions
  • Set thresholds, receive alerts, and document success or failure and error messages
  • Get full analytics and screenshots to resolve issues before users notice
  • Track SLAs based on availability and response times

Cost Optimization for Cloud

  • Eliminate wasted spend by balancing user experience and costs
  • Select the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines
  • Choose the optimal storage for virtual machine, user data, user profile and application layers
  • Benchmark the configuration at any point during testing, deployment projects or ongoing operations

Cost Optimization and Capacity Planning for Hybrid and On-Premises

  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to identify cost savings
  • Quickly determine the right trade-off between density and performance
  • Properly baseline and evaluate capacity and performance after major changes or when planning migration projects, such as moving to a new Windows OS or upgrading an application
  • Compare potential changes, such as moving to thin clients or a hyper converged infrastructure, to lower overall costs

Login Enterprise Differentiators

  • 100% agentless approach that works whether your users are present or not, and doesn’t add an additional into the stack
  • End-to-end insights into your infrastructure, applications, and locations from endpoints anywhere in the world - not just a data center or vendor cloud
  • Application insight provides detailed performance of user interactions INSIDE applications and goes beyond simply launching a session, logging in and opening an application
  • Leverages industry recognized data driven benchmarks for understanding capacity (VSImax2) and user experience (EUX Score)