Staff Attendance Application

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Staff Attendance Application

Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria Ltd

Plans and Pricing
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Staff Attendance Application

Staff Pro is a system for managing staff attendance. Staff Pro enables users to clock in via face recognition by leveraging Microsoft Azure. It identifies employees prior to signing them into the office premises using facial recognition technology.


1. Facial Recognition

2. User Location

3. Image Capturing

4. Security


1.   Easy to Use

Simple user interface that makes it easy for users to get captured and navigate other elements of the system.

2.   Staff Management

Supervisors out of the office can monitor employee locations.

3.   Accuracy

Attendance information is entered in a timely fashion, and more accurate, solving issues of differing hours and rates of pay.

Staff Pro system includes facial recognition, user location, and image capture. It enhances security by giving you complete control over your users. This system is easy to use, safe and secure, and incredibly cost-effective as it is hosted and administered on Azure. The Staff Pro basic plan offers relevant features that best suites the staff monitoring needs of any firm.