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Magic xpc Integration Platform

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Connect the Microsoft ecosystem faster with any other system - across all public and private clouds

Integration for Accelerated Digital Transformation: Connect Anything | Connect Anywhere

Integrate all your cloud and on-premise apps, systems, databases and platforms with our hybrid integration platform.

IT layers continue to increase. Cloud, IoT and on-premises create additional data silos, manual processes and point-to-point connections, which result in higher TCO and lower productivity.

Introducing Magic xpc - a hybrid, microservices-based integration platform will speed up integration projects, slash costs for maintenance and improve productivity and business process performance.

Magic xpc Integration Platform as a Service

Magic xpc is a modern 100% cloud-native, microservices based integration platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, including walkthrough screens, a graphical data transformation and a mapping designer. It's ideal for IT pros, business analysts and integration specialists.

    Magic xpc is a code-free, API-driven integration platform as a service (iPaaS) enabling customers to implement digital transformation on the cloud, on-premises, or both.
    Magic xpc frees you up to focus on what’s important: your business process
    With our flexible, subscription-based pricing model, Magic xpc iPaaS can be customized and tailored to fit any business’ needs. 
    You’ll be up and running with Magic xpc in no time thanks to our ‘plug and play’ approach. Our easy-to-use, code-free platform and walkthrough screens make integration a cinch

Target Audience, Connectivity & Security

Our integration platform is developed with both IT pros and business analysts in mind. The graphical and user-friendly interface make Magic xpc a perfect fit for anyone needing to create, manage and monitor business integrations.

Integrating your entire ecosystem network becomes a snap with our 50+ pre-built and reusable connectors. Plus, our full SDK provides you with all the necessary tools to build, test and debug your custom API-based connectors.

Since security is your priority, it’s ours too. Magic xpc guarantees that your business information is always encrypted and secure, giving you the power to run your integrations anywhere you want with confidence.

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    Magic Software's code-free integration platforms can connect numerous Microsoft systems to an endless combination of endpoints
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