Enterprise Digital Asset Management Platform


Enterprise Digital Asset Management Platform


Enterprise Digital Asset Management Platform

MediaValet provides organizations with a scalable, secure and redundant cloud-native digital asset management platform for managing all media types (including photos, 4K-8K video, 2D/3D CAD files, audio files, graphics, animations, documents, presentation, fonts, etc.). Leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies - including Azure Service Fabric, Video Indexer and Computer Vision - MediaValet not only secures high-value digital assets, but also makes them highly accessible, discoverable and useable; increasing organizations’ productivity, efficiency profitability and continuity – all while reducing costs.

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With MediaValet’s industry leading digital asset management (DAM) platform, can you implement, replace or augment the following solutions using the latest and most scalable Cloud and AI technologies:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Media Asset Management (MAM)

  • Creative Asset Management (CAM)

  • Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM)

  • Animation Management

  • Photo Management

  • 2D & 3D CAD file Management and Distribution

  • Meeting Archive Solutions (Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings)

Key features of MediaValet:

  • Enterprise level advanced AI tagging for all asset types (video, photos, graphics, etc.)

  • Max individual library size of 5 PBs with the ability to easily combine libraries

  • Availability across 61 data centre regions around the World - covering 142 countries

  • 6 times asset redundancy across multiple data centres – ensuring your assets will always be accessible

  • 8K Video & 2D/3D CAD file support (up to 5 PBs per file – yes, that’s not a mistake)

  • Auto transcoding, transcribing and translating (100+ languages and counting)

  • Version control, rights management, asset linking and full asset history for all assets

  • Integrations into popular third-party workflow, CMS and PIM (among many other) applications

  • Full API support for all platform events – enabling delivery of microservices and full customer UIs

  • Data residency guarantees in 14 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia and the UK

  • SOC II Type II, HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA compliant

  • Unlimited users, administrators, categories, keywords and customer attributes

  • Unlimited technical support and training

  • Dedicated technical support, customer success, and library services team

MediaValet delivers a low TOC for an enterprise-grade, cloud-native DAM solution that’s unmatched in the industry. Book a call with us today to talk with one of our technical DAM experts.