METIS Platform

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA

METIS Platform

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA

Τhe Digital Platform that empowers your Digitization Transformation in Maritime and Industry

What we offer

An integration layer that blends various IoT data and enables their transformation to easily accessible business value.

  • Data Unification

Sensors and data come for different sources and are part of a topology in one or more establishments. The benefit of homogenizing these data is huge. METIS unifies all data in one meaningful and human readable catalogue for everyone to read and use.

  • Data Cleansing & Synchronization

Sensor data are produced with different time granularity and at times can be flawed. METIS prepares the data and creates clear datasets that can be used instantly for analytical calculations and visualizations.

  • Transformation of Human Expertise to Software Automation

Facilitate the knowledge transfer from human experts to automated agents that expose all meaningful insights to the user or to new Datasets ready to be used to a higher analytical process enriching the Data Ecosystem of your company.

  • Simplification of data utilization

METIS takes away the need for your users to have technical skills to use the results, datasets or reports. Our platform disseminates to all users, all data, insights and reports in a very easy way, the minute they are created through a simple web interface.

  • Easy Integration

METIS Integrates with all major data analytic or reporting tools like Tableau, Power BI etc.


  • Proven solution across industries. METIS is a key player in the digitalization of the Maritime Industry.
  • Holistic big data and analytics platform to accommodate all your data workload with elastic / unlimited infrastructure
  • Trusted workflows that eliminate thetechnical gap between data and insights.
  • User Friendly UI which allows more users, with no technical skills, to be part of this data revolution in just a few clicks.
  • Minimal data exploration process times. Enable “what happened” scenarios and data sharing in just a few minutes.

“We have selected METIS for its end-to-end solution which combines IoT, cloud-based maritime analytics and AI. The system enables us to optimize the performance of our vessels from a technical and operational point of view. On a managerial level, it enables us to be proactive and confident when making critical, tactical and strategic decisions.”

Souzana Laskaridis

Director Laskaridis Shipping, Lavinia Corp

Your Lifetime Partner

  • Focuses on knowledge transfer to our partners. METIS wants to up-level the data science skills of your team to meet your company’s expectation. Digitization

is a long running procedure and METIS is your partner to this journey.

  • Provides the expertise and a team of the best experts in the market on digitization, Machine learning and big data even if you don’t have such a team.

METIS has been recognised by Thetius as one of the 50 Most Innovative Small & Mid-size Businesses in the Maritime Industry. With METIS you are on the cutting edge of technology.