Vertica Data Warehouse, Enterprise BYOL

Micro Focus

Vertica Data Warehouse, Enterprise BYOL

Micro Focus

Vertica delivers fast, sustained query performance for heavy analytical workloads.


Vertica is a strongly consistent, ACID-compliant, SQL data warehouse, built for the scale and complexity of today’s data-driven world. Vertica scales from terabytes to petabytes and has hundreds of native analytic algorithms for time-series, geospatial, pattern-matching, machine learning and more. Developers can implement their own algorithms in C/C++, R, Java, or Python and import them using PMML.

Any SLA, any time

With Vertica optimization features like multi-node data loading, query tuning, and aggressive data compression, you can handle much larger volumes of data more easily. Costs are lower and, simultaneously, you will be able to meet almost and SLA requirement more easily.

Unifying the Data Warehouse and Data Lake

You can seamlessly integrate data in formats like Parquet, ORC, JSON and CSV within a Vertica data warehouse using external tables to expand the depth and breadth of data available to you. Leverage your existing SQL, Python, and BI skills to expand your corporate view. Vertica supports a wide range of analytical workloads – from data warehousing to data lake to data science and allows you to deliver analytics on as much data as you need to as many data consumers that need it.

Vertica seamlessly integrates within existing data pipelines consisting of Kafka, Spark, and/or Hadoop for a comprehensive data warehouse solution.


Vertica has the security add-ons you need for data encryption. Voltage encryption delivers data privacy protection, neutralizes data breach, and drives business value through secure data use. Privacy regulations recommend encryption, pseudonymization, and anonymization to protect personal data.

Vertica Enterprise Mode

In this marketplace listing, Vertica will deploy in Enterprise Mode, a familiar deployment method for our long-time customers. Alternatively, see our Eon Mode listing which offers separation of compute/storage and greater elasticity.

Bring your own License and Community Edition

This BYOL license listing includes a Community Edition License allowing up to three nodes and one terabyte for non-production use without charge.  When you’re ready for more, simply increase your license capacity by contacting Vertica.