Midfin Systems Neon Cloud Gateway

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Midfin Systems Neon Cloud Gateway

Midfin Systems Inc

Migrate your applications from on-premises data centers to public cloud. Simple, Safe and Efficient

Midfin Systems Neon enables you to migrate to Microsoft Azure without changing IP addresses.

Migrate to Cloud Without Changing IP Addresses

Neon is a hybrid cloud networking solution that allows you to seamlessly and securely extend your on-premise networks to public clouds. While traditional VPN solutions require on-premise networks and cloud networks to have non-overlapping IP ranges, Neon stretches your on-premise networks to the cloud. With Neon, cloud networks become an extension of your on-premise networks. As a result, you can move applications from on-premise to cloud and back one application at a time, without having to change IP addresses. This eliminates the risks introduced by traditional migration solutions. No more heavy lifting!

Challenges with cloud migration:

    • Unpredictable - Current migration solutions do not preserve IP addresses after migration. Network reconfiguration is required after migration is complete.
    • Inefficient - All applications residing within a subnet have to be migrated to the cloud in one go. This requires reconfiguration of physical routers.
    • Time-consuming - Migration requires deep understanding of application dependencies beforehand. This increases the overall project timeline, risks and costs.

Benefits of using Neon:

    • Simple - Retains IP address of the application post migration. IP remapping is not required.
    • Efficient - Eliminates the need to fail the entire subnet by allowing migration of one IP address at a time.
    • Fast - Eliminates the need for cloud readiness and application dependency assessment.
    • Safe - Highly secure communication (AES 256 encrypted) between on-premise and public cloud.


    Enable your subscription for programmatic use of this marketplace image. Do not launch a VM directly from this image
    Supported Hypervisor - VMware

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