MinIO Blob Storage Gateway (S3 API)

Minio, Inc

MinIO Blob Storage Gateway (S3 API)

Minio, Inc

MinIO Gateway provides Amazon S3 compatible API for objects stored in Azure Blob Storage.

Fully-Managed Application

MinIO Blob Storage Gateway is deployed as a fully-managed application in your subscription. You don't have to worry about updates, upgrades and security fixes.

Tightly Integrated with Microsoft Azure

This service is fully integrated with Azure cloud services like VM Scale Sets, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Key Vault and Azure DNS Zones. It also discovers all your existing storage accounts/containers and maps them automatically to Amazon S3 compatible buckets.

Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage API Access

Applications can simultaneously use both the Azure Blob Storage API and Amazon S3 API to access buckets and objects with the same credentials. This way you can deploy applications built for Amazon S3 on Azure and take advantage of Azure services like Stream Analytics, Machine Learning and PowerBI to analyse data.​


All-access to your data through MinIO Blob Storage Gateway is encrypted with TLSv1.2/1.3 end to end. Your credentials are managed by your cloud administrator privately.

MinIO Enterprise Support

Managed service customers have full access to MinIO SUBNET for enterprise support. For more information on SUBNET access details please send an email to