NetFoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform

NetFoundry Inc

NetFoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform

NetFoundry Inc

NaaS replaces SSL & IPsec VPNs, software-defined networks 2-8x higher performance than SD-WAN & VPNs

Instantly spin up Zero Trust, high performance, application-specific global networks at scale using NetFoundry’s cloud native orchestration tools and APIs. Eliminates the need for expensive private circuits, proprietary hardware, and traditional VPNs.

Like what Azure does for infrastructure, NetFoundry implements a fully managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution, empowering you to orchestrate and control your networks without managing the underlying infrastructure.

Use the NetFoundry Platform to build and manage:

  • Multicloud Global Transit Networks to connect datacenter, edge and users to multiple clouds
  • Scale out cloud orchestrated networking for Egress/Ingress, VPC-to-VPC and VPC-to-OnPrem
  • Multicloud and multi region encrypted peering

Replace SSL VPN for admin access to cloud and IPSec VPN to connect branch offices. NetFoundry software-defined overlay networks work with any SD-WAN with no disruption. Embed programmable networking into your application network connections and device stacks with Ziti SDKs and developer resources provided at  

Technical Benefits

  • Remove the costs and complexities of VPNs, private APNs and proprietary hardware
  • Simplify deployments with software-defined private overlay connections to enterprise assets
  • NaaS provides real-time, dynamic quality optimization, minimizes latency and packet loss
  • 2x to 8x better throughput than leading VPN and SD-WAN solutions
  • Flexible, runs on top of any WAN or Internet connection
  • Natively implement SASE and Zero Trust networking for all clients (Win, Linux, Mac, Java, iOS, Android)
  • Secure Edge/IoT systems with least privilege access and micro-segmentation of edge connections

Business Outcomes

Accelerate agile digital business processes with secure, flexible, dynamic networking that can deliver any app to any user anywhere

Strengthen business continuity processes with a cloud orchestrated global Network-as-a Service platform that rapidly scales on-demand as business and user requirements change

Drive continuous cost optimization with exceptional quality of experience  

Eliminate the headaches and complexities of traditional networks and VPNs. Spin up easily managed overlay networks without building or managing the underlying infrastructure

Network control fabric, fully managed by NetFoundry, optimizes data flow across the Internet, delivering performance gains over traditional VPNs, while assuring exceptional quality of experience

Simply and securely extend your network to Azure from anywhere with Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge networking capabilities