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NextGate EMPI_In Client's Azure Tenant

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Transforming how organizations connect IT environments to deliver a 360-degree view of individuals.

NextGate Azure Enterprise Offering

NextGate is offering early adopters on Azure the ability to run NextGate's nationally recognized MatchMetrix® EMPI software off of your Azure environment. This initial offering is for an initial 48month term agreement. The offer includes a base of 1,000,000 Enterprise Unique IDs (EUIDs). Additional EUID capacity may be purchased in blocks of 100,000 EUIDs (which are billed monthly and reported quarterly)

For the United States, the offer also includes geocoding and address normalization. For other countries outside of the United States, geocoding and address normalization may be available at additional cost (pricing for additional geographical areas available on request from NextGate). 

This initial offering also includes up to 16 planning hours for onboarding which may be used by Customer towards discussing uses cases and planning of Customer’s implementation of the NextGate Software in Customer's Microsoft Azure instance.

Who can benefit from this offer?

Organizations in need of maintaining strict standards of identity management across their enterprise. The NextGate EMPI serves as the central single best record helping to eliminate duplicate and partial individual records. NextGate’s Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) is a fully-integrated, automated solution where individuals are properly identified and matched to their data throughout every step of the continuum for improved delivery and quality.

NextGate’s EMPI Key Benefits:

Inaccurate identification costs the U.S. billions annually and results in errors, data quality issues, administrative waste, and poor satisfaction. Fragmented multi-vendor systems only compound the problem, giving rise to duplicate, inaccurate, and outdated individual information. 

Built on the MatchMetrix® master identity platform, the NextGate EMPI:
  • Reduces denied claims and other financial delays
  • Streamlines registration, prevents data errors at point of capture
  • Improves satisfaction 
  • Automates individual data and duplicate record clean-up
  • Provides an extremely strong tool for duplicate curation

NextGate’s EMPI Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use interfaces and workflows that reflect today’s multi-stakeholder data management environment
  • Implemented in secure manner with 2 Production Nodes, 2 Dev/Stage Nodes, and 1 Test Node
  • Use of third-party data to correlate demographic elements that have changed over time, such as previous address and phone number
  • Configurable matching algorithms
  • Secure environment that supports multi-factor authentication
  • Active and passive integration options