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SHIFT Cloud instantly translates legacy code including ETL Pipelines to Azure Synapse in hours.

Customers can upload, analyze, and translate their entire legacy code base, including SQL code and ETL pipelines, to Microsoft Azure, including Azure Data Factory, in a self-service capacity.

Translating legacy workloads to Azure is a three-step process with SHIFT Cloud:

1. Upload. Select your source system files and upload them to SHIFT Cloud.

2. Analyze. Generate a comprehensive Analyzer Report of all the objects in your source systems and the expected automated code translation based on your selected cloud target.

3. Translate. Trigger automatic code translation to your selected cloud target, including SQL code and ETL pipelines.

Upload files from virtually any legacy system

Choose the files from your legacy systems for code translation. SHIFT Cloud can translate code from legacy sources, including Teradata, Netezza, SQL Server, Hive, Oracle and DB2 plus ETL pipelines, such as DataStage and SSIS.

Analyze your full legacy workload prior to translation, including ETL pipelines

SHIFT Cloud automatically scans legacy files to reveal the total composition of the objects and derives the expected automatic code translation based on the selected cloud target. The Analyzer Report reviews legacy source system's full breadth and size, providing a complete inventory of all code objects. Valuable details in this report include the line counts by object type and any exceptions to Microsoft Azure.

Translate your code and ETL pipelines

SHIFT Cloud will automatically translate SQL code and ETL pipelines to Azure Synapse (including Azure Data Factory). Translations typically take only hours to perform. Customers can check the status of their code translation and receive a notification when their translation is complete. Once completed, customers can view the original and translated source code side-by-side in a user-friendly interface.

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