Azure Governance Managed Service


Azure Governance Managed Service


The Governance Managed Service sits at the heart of any operating model for Azure. This service provides best practice expertise focused on minimising risks, controlling budgets, accelerating deployments & getting the best experience from Azure.

Managing governance within Azure requires in-depth experience & understanding of best practices. In addition to creating a tailored governance model at the outset, it’s vital to ensure that the governance guardrails are proactively managed & in a continual state of improvement.

This service addresses security baselines, cost management, identity management, resource consistency, & deployment acceleration. We begin by implementing the MVP policies recommended in Azure’s CAF & monthly we review operations, spend & policies to drive improvement & maturity. Our Governance Managed Service provides:

  • Unlimited support for the basics

  • Control costs

  • Work to best practices

  • Secure Azure resources

  • Create a Cloud Governance Team

  • Implement seamless policies

  • Accelerate deployments

  • Azure discounts

The services we offer within our Governance Managed Service include:

  • Foundation Basic Support designed for customers who need minimal day-to-day support either because they are yet to deploy production services or have considerable experience/resources in house.

  • CSP Subscriptions with no upfront commitment. Benefit from discounts based on the consumption of services within Azure.

  • Billing Management & Analytics which provides you with a wealth of information on Azure best practices including Cost Management, Right Sizing & Security Advisories.

  • Audit Report & Review containing information on Data Centre location/Data Residency, deployed Azure components, best practice adherence, plus configuration & advisories on Storage Accounts, VMs, Containers, Azure Data Platforms, & Networking.

  • Architecture Guidance & Validation from our accredited Azure Engineers.

  • DevOps Automation Scripting using a combination of Terraform & Ansible.

  • Governance Model Improvement through monthly reports & in-flight policy changes to adapt the framework as issues & opportunities arise.