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Website Screenshot API

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Efficient API for instant, high-quality website screenshots.

Capture Webpage Screenshots Instantly with Our Website Screenshot API

The Website Screenshot API by SilverLining.Cloud is your go-to tool for generating high-quality screenshots of any webpage with speed and precision. This RESTful API is designed for both simplicity and efficiency, perfect for both individual and enterprise use.

Key Features:

  • Single API Call: Quickly obtain screenshots either as a direct image link or a base64 encoded string with just one API call.
  • High Performance: Our scalable API endpoint efficiently handles up to 100 screenshot requests per second.
  • Customization Options: Enhance your captures with features like time delays for loading, adjustable browser window sizes, and full-page screenshot capabilities. Advanced users can crop images or specify elements by XPATH for targeted screenshots.
  • Powerful Browser Engine: Utilizes Google Chrome for each request, supporting the execution of JavaScript before capturing images.

Integration and Billing:

Integrated with the Azure Marketplace, our API offers a hassle-free pay-per-use billing system through your existing Azure account, with no fixed contracts or subscription requirements.

Get Started Now:

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About Us:

SilverLining.Cloud is an independent software vendor and IT consultancy specializing in cloud-based solutions. Trusted globally, we offer reliable, scalable, and cost-effective public cloud services designed for ease of use.