Automate Document Workflows with Docketry

Nuvento LLC

Automate Document Workflows with Docketry

Nuvento LLC

An easily integrable AI-powered end-to-end document processing SaaS solution for your business

Are mounting forms and documents getting in the way of your core business activities?

Now, you can automate the extraction of relevant information from all your documents with close to zero manual effort with the power of Docketry's AI-powered document processing solution - no matter how complex they are!

Docketry is an AI-powered document processing solution built with advanced AI/ML models and powered by the cloud to provide faster, more accurate processing of complex documents at scale in industries like BFSI, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and legal. Docketry simplifies and automates document processing workflows, improving productivity by over 7 times.

It processes structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents such as forms, receipts, invoices, ID cards, contracts, and reports across various industries with more than 95% accuracy and enables businesses to achieve straight-through processing. With human-in-the-loop validation, Docketry can achieve close to 100% accuracy with ease.

Docketry can be easily integrated into existing workflows with APIs and can be customized easily with SDKs. The inbound documents can be of any format like pdf, word, images, or electronic forms. Docketry digitizes and processes these documents and provides the extracted data in structured and standardized formats like CSV, and JSON, and can be fed to databases, CRMs, and ERP systems.

The analytics dashboard in Docketry provides field-based confidence scores, making it easier to validate data based on threshold confidence levels.

Docketry offers tiered pricing and a subscription-based model based on the number of documents processed. Docketry can also be customized based on business-specific requirements.

Key features of Docketry are:

  • Intelligent document classification and secure data capture. 

  • Template-free processing to effortlessly handle complex documents.

  • Easy deployment, higher flexibility, and seamless integration with API/SDK packages.

  • Accelerate productivity with end–to–end document automation.

  • Error-free processing with human-in-the-loop.

  • Handwritten document processing and handwritten text recognition.

Get the Docketry edge with advanced features like,

  • Document summarization to get key information from complex documents easily.

  • Sentiment analysis to help understand customers better and provide better customer experiences.

  • Document search to easily find and locate documents with keyword search.

  • Fraud detection to identify fabricated documents, signatures and so on.

Industries and major use cases:
  • BFSI - Invoice processing, claims automation, insurance processing, forms processing, customer onboarding, KYC processing
  • Logistics - Bill of lading processing, invoice processing, purchase order processing, proof of delivery processing, bill of delivery processing, customs forms declaration
  • Manufacturing - Order form processing, invoice processing, quality record management, proposal management, export/import document management
  • Healthcare - Patient care form processing, medical records digitization, patient onboarding, billing automation, prescription and pharmacy management
  • Retail - Invoice management, receipt management, purchase order management, contracts and feedback forms
  • Legal - Contracts, discovery document processing, legal forms, powers of attorney, wills, trusts, leases, and agreements.

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