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Objectivity D*ChoC

Objectivity, Inc.
A Digital Chain of Custody Application

Objectivity D*ChoC

Objectivity, Inc.

A Digital Chain of Custody Application

D*ChoC™ is a Digital Chain of Custody Application. In many systems it is important to know where the data came from, who acted upon the data, and the validity of any derived data. D*ChoC provides the ability to measure the accuracy of the decision making process, allowing you to replay how you arrived at a decision, providing a recommendation of confidence level about your data. With D*ChoC you can quickly and easily query a massive, complex network of connected data.. Typical uses of D*ChoC include:
  • Law enforcement and Intelligence Community asset tracking.
  • Tracking product design and manufacturing.
  • Financial derivative definition and management.
  • Industrial Internet of Things equipment network tracking.
  • Patent “Prior Art” exploration.
  • Digital Rights Management - tracking ownership of works of art or authorized copies.
D*ChoC maintains a graph (network) of relationships between Items:
  • Flexibility: D*ChoC can be used "As Is" or you can extend the contents of any of its data types:
  • Item definitions may be derived from one or more other things.
  • Every item has, at least, a Name, Version, Reference and Date_Time_Created.
  • Items can be connected to other items using named relationships, such as “Derived_From”, or “Changed_By”.
  • There are also standard definitions for Users (Person, Team, Organization), Processes (Applications and Tools) and Workflows, which are frequently used sequences of Processes and Workflows.
  • Provenance:D*ChoC records who created or changed an item and the name of the application or tool that was used:
  • It can also calculate the trustworthiness (“Confidence_Level”) of an item based on the items it was derived from.
  • If an earlier item has its confidence level changed all descendants are updated automatically.
  • Navigation: D*ChoC gives you powerful queries for discovering how a particular item was derived.
  • Pathfinding: D*ChoC can also find connections between chosen items to suit your needs.
D*ChoC can be licensed in various configurations. Users who wish to use secure access to their D*ChoC deployment must purchase an SSL Certificate and install it. Details of this process can be found on the D*ChoC Getting Started page. [Post-Alpha release]