Omnio for Azure IoT

Omnio for Azure IoT

Close the data gap between devices and your IoT application with Omnio Edge

Get it done in minutes, not days or weeks.

To succeed with IoT, you need a scalable and user-manageable foundation of data pipelines from source to destination. Omnio Edge for Azure allows you to connect your existing brownfield assets and stream unified data into DTDL compliant device models and digital twins without reading a manual or writing a single line of code. Normally, this can easily take weeks for a single device, but with Omnio it is automated and can be done in less than a minute.

Unified data is critical for scaling your solution

Whether you want to build digital twins, use AI/ML or simply visualize your data in Power BI, it is critical that your data is unified right from the device source. That is why Omnio Edge for Azure delivers Microsoft’s Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) compliant data. Enabled by our unification engine, it automatically synchronizes time stamps and unifies data names, scales and units. This way you can plot, analyze and compare data across device models with ease and confidence without getting bogged down in data mapping or pre-processing.

A seamless user experience

  • Instantly stream unified data to DTDL compliant device models and digital twins, automatically built for your devices.
  • Access our continuously updated catalogue of thousands of device models.
  • Web-based user-friendly UI.
  • Automated generation of DTDL models in your Azure subscription.
  • Docker-based deployment enables easy deployment as stand-alone container or as part of an Azure IoT Edge deployment.

Getting from pilot to scale just got easier

Get your pilot running immediately and scale to more devices, more sites and greater benefits, faster - with Omnio Edge.