Production Efficiency Tool

Optel Group

Production Efficiency Tool

Optel Group

Collect, store and visualize data and trends across the company for overall equipment effectiveness

OPTEL’s cloud-based Production Efficiency Tool lets you collect, store and visualize data and trends across the company for smarter, faster business decisions.


Integrate content from multiple data sources using a single, cloud-based system.

Large capacity

Handle millions of tags and unlimited users, providing unprecedented capability.

Access anywhere

Powerful analysis and reporting tools deliver visualization to Web or mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


Share operational insights and best practices across the company.

Stay current

The software as a service is continuously kept up to date and allows for updates to be managed seamlessly in the cloud.

Stay secure

Safe, secure and reliable solution powered by Microsoft Azure’s proven cloud technology 

  • Leverage existing smart sensors, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and automation systems, and make the data accessible

  • Remotely monitor geographically dispersed assets

  • Retrieve data automatically at a set frequency in either the band owner’s system or OPTEL’s, or via CSV extraction (Excel file)

  • Android and iOS compatible

  • User-friendly information management tool with rapid time to value

  • Provides a single view of operational performance from multiple systems or devices

Improve OEE

  • Gain immediate access to personalized performance data

  • Visualize process status over time so you know what to do next

  • Securely and cost-effectively access industrial data outside the control network

  • Better understand your business: past and real-time operational data, trends and likely scenarios

  • Become an active participant in real-time work streams that enhance collaboration between teams

  • Identify opportunities to reduce operational costs, increase asset performance and drive production results