Pachyderm Inc.


Pachyderm Inc.

Get started with Pachyderm's data foundation for machine learning on Azure.

Pachyderm provides the data layer that allows machine learning teams to productionize and scale their machine learning. With Pachyderm’s industry leading data versioning, pipelines and lineage, teams gain data driven automation, petabyte scalability and end-to-end reproducibility. 

Data Science and AI/ML teams use Pachyderm to get their Machine Learning projects to market faster, lower data processing and storage costs, and more easily meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Model & Dataset Challenges:
  • Slow and painful ML releases

    • Data versioning is manual, error prone time consuming

    • Difficult or impossible data debugging

    • Lack full reproducibility and visibility 

  • Data storage and processing costs spiraling out of control

    • Duplicated data

    • Unnecessary reprocessing of data

    • Costly human manual intervention required

  • Lack of data layer tools that provide fast time to value

Especially painful with:
  • Large amounts of unstructured data

  • Large number of small files that change frequently

  • Disparate data sources

Pachyderm helps solve these challenges through:
  • Automatic data versioning and data-driven pipelines
  • Automatic parallel and incremental processing that requires no code changes
  • End-to-end reproducibility and immutable data lineage